Bears Take The Bulls on a Wild Ride

Today’s market was one for the history books from the moment that the market opened the DOW fell more than a 1,000 points then recovered to close down 588 points.   In this market as well in an up market, you have to know your limitations when it comes to investments.  Whether it’s in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  There can not be no favorites when you invest in the markets.

When your investments are up, take some profits.   When the market’s down; be willing to take some losses.  The main thing is don’t lose your cool and over do it.

Picking the right investment is dependent on how much risk you’re willing to take.  People are happy when the risk they take is going up.   But, when the market is going down they quickly become unhappy.

Even in the down market today, there were some stocks that gained while the majority of the stocks were down. Stocks that closed up (gainers) were

GAS – AGL Resources closed at $61.41 up $13.55 for the day

GMCR – Keurig Green Mountain Inc closed at $51.30 up $1.16

SWKS – Skyworks Solution Inc was up $1.44 to close at $80.51

WFM – Whole Foods Market Inc closed at $31.82 up $0.18

HSP – Hospira Inc was up $0.34 to close at $89.85

NOV – National Oilwell Varco Inc was up $.04 to close at $37.25

Will tomorrow be just as wild as today?  Probably so but you can never tell.