Investment Price Isn’t Moving

Most people like expecting great things to happen.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen.  Especially, when it comes to the market.  You put money into an investment and then sit back and wait for it go up?  And, you wait and wait and wait some more; but, nothing happens.

You wonder why.  The company seems to have a great income stream; but the price hasn’t moved.

It’s called expectations.  Sometimes, the price doesn’t move.  Or, it moves very little up one day and down the next day  staying in a range.

Expectations are based on price, earnings, and expected earnings.  Then, there’s the sector news.

Sometimes when bad news comes out a related stock in the same industry everybody will get the hopes up for the entire industry.  But, it’s not always the case.  Stocks behave differently sometimes from their peers in the group.

It may take years for an investment to move in price.

So the question is “What is your financial goals?”

How long do you have to reach your financial goal?

The answers will determine if you have time for the investment to move in the short-term or the longterm.  Depending on your answer, you may have to sell and move onto another investment that help you reach your goals.