Millionaire Market Snapshot – July 28, 2017

Markets were once again mixed as the Dow climbed 33.76,  The S&P 500 fell 3.32.  The Nasdaq fell 7.51.

OIl was trading at 49.71 at the close.  Gold was trading at $1,268.90 at the market close.

The top five most active stocks today were AMD, MO, SBUX, BAC, and CHK.

The top five stocks that gained today were ALGN, MHK, COL, LYB, and HIG.

The top five stocks that fell today were FLS, MO, SBUX, GT, and MAT.

Companies reporting weaker than expected earnings were Amazon, Exxon Mobil, and Mattel.

Companies reporting better than expected earnings were American Airlines, Electronic Arts, First Solar, Boston Beer, Align Techology, Chevron, Intel, Merck, Rockwell Collins, UBS, and Weyhauser.

Wells Fargo announced a settlement with automobile borrowers for $80M over allocations that Wells Fargo required borrowers to purchase additional auto insurance when it wasn’t needed.